My 27 Decks in 27 Weeks Challenge

I’m going to challenge myself to make 27 budget decks over the next 27 weeks. I want to make a deck using one of each of Magic’s one, two, and three color combinations, as well as colorless and an artifact-matters deck. These decks are trying to win the game, but by no mean are going to take down a Grand Prix or Pro Tour anytime soon. The rules to the challenge are:

  • Each deck must be budget. This means about a dollar a card for paper magic prices, and a quarter or less for magic online prices. Unlike other budget decks you may find, I’m going to treat my land budget a bit differently depending on the deck. Lands can often be insanely expensive, so I may find “the cheapest expensive” landbase for a deck.
  • Each deck must stick to the colors the deck calls for. An Izzet deck can’t be “mono-blue splash red”, each color needs close to equally represented. A card is valid for a deck as long as it can be played if the deck had only basic lands. Mutagenic Growth is legal in pretty much all decks, for example.
  • All decks are modern, though I will have a section on the site where I post what I’m playing in standard.
  • One deck a week goes up.
  • I can build the decks in any order.
  • All decks must be home brews, but can based on pre-exsting themes (flicker or mill, for example)

I will elaborate on each deck in its own article, share how it did on Magic Online, and give recommendations on if if you wanted to buy more expensive upgrades. Thanks for joining me!

Completed Decks list

  • Esper Blink

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